haas bros.

some work from the haas brothers. weird, beautiful.

I'm also into some things that they said about creativity in this interview. Here is one excerpt that struck a chord for me-

"I think creativity for me would be more like unbounded curiosity or unhindered curiosity. That works across science, math, art, anything. If you’re curious about something, in a way that hasn’t been told to you — I know I keep on saying this, but the idea of first principles. Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea of electricity. If somebody wanted to study electricity or come up with a new way of doing it, they would have to abandon what he did and start over again. That would be fully formed creativity. It’s curiosity about not Ben Franklin’s electricity, but about electricity itself. Basically you have to forget most of what you learned and approach something as if it’s the only time you’ve ever seen it."